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About us

In our daily work, we focus on the satisfaction of our customers by supplying them with products fully compliant with order specification, which meet their highest demands.

Our company manufactures primarily carbon and graphite products. Our products are widely used in the following industries: automotive, chemical,
food, metallurgical, glass, thermal processing, tool manufacturing, electrochemical, laboratory, semiconductor, electrical, and others.

Who we are

Angraf is a fast-growing, innovative ,and professional company established in 2007, providing services for the metallurgical industry. Cooperating with other companies, we export and import products within Europe and beyond. We specialize in graphite materials, carburizers for steel plants and foundries. Always aiming to meet our customers’ demands, we enhance our position in the market, expanding our customer portfolio. With Angraf, you can be sure that every effort is made to provide you with materials of the highest quality.

What we do

We offer free-flowing graphite materials, such as:

  • Carburizers
  • Graphite dust
  • Graphite powder
  • Anthracite


We process high quality graphite products:

  • Graphite sleeves, shapes, etc.


We also buy graphite scrap in any shape or form.

Our approach

High quality materials, best price guarantee, and timely delivery are the pillars of our operation, thanks to which you can be sure that our services will be performed to your satisfaction.



Questions? Feel free to get in touch via this contact form or give us a call.


33-386 Podegrodzie 387

Podegrodzie 387

woj. małopolskie


Email:   kontakt@angraf.info

Phone:   +48 18 4459 272
506 199 359 | 510 174 766

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