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The initial blank material for the manufacturing of shapes is fine-grain graphite with the grain size below 0.06 mm.

  • EK2775
  • EK2725
  • R 4340

The material shows very good resistance parameters, high apparent density, low abrasibility, and low wettability. The main advantages of graphites in comparison with traditional materials include: high thermal resistance, uniform distribution of temperature, minimal wettability to molten glass, low thermal capacity, excellent mechanical strength, long service life, no issues when combining with steel or other materials. Another crucial attribute of graphite is that is is free of asbestos.

Graphites are used as elements of machinery for the glass industry, such as: contact elements, sliders, ejectors, grippers, guide rails, gob conveyor channels, conveyor channels, distributors, setdown plates, and other machine parts as per customer request.

EK2775 and EK2725 are used in the manufacturing of TV picture tubes.
These graphites are supplied as light wall tubes in various diameters, and they can also be supplied as U, W or spiral shapes to match the furnace. Another application involves using graphites as contraction elements or isolating materials in the form of rigid and flexible felts for the specific variation of temperature profiles inside heating cages.

These materials have the following properties:

  • low thermal conductivity,
  • low heat capacity,
  • high thermal stability under protective gas,
  • minimal wettability,
  • high purity,
  • homogenous structure.

Our range also includes other composite materials in the form of tubes, rods, screws, sheets, nuts, etc., and other accessories used in furnace construction.


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